Is Indian rupee accepted in Bangkok?

No, Indian Rupee is not accepted in Thailand. One must convert the Indian currencies to Thai baht well before making a trip to Thailand. The currencies can be converted either in India or in Thailand.

How much Indian currency can I carry to Bangkok?

You can carry as much money as you like into Thailand. If you are carrying more than USD20,000 or its foreign currency equivalent, you must declare this to a Customs Officer on arrival and fill in a declaration form. For this, you would also need your passport & boarding pass.

Is Thailand costly for Indian?

The flight cost on an average from India to Thailand is anywhere between INR 15,000 to 20,000. … Visa on arrival now costs INR 2000 per person.

Where can I exchange Indian currency in Bangkok?

You could exchange money at the BKK airport or Bangkok city center. Superrich Thailand offers good rates.

What is the best currency to use in Thailand?

Thai baht is your best bet. Purchase when you arrive into Thailand for a better rate. The baht is the only currency you an use here. Don not change you GBP into any other currency, just change them into baht when you arrive.

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Is Thailand cheaper than India?

On an average, India is cheaper. Yes the hotels are more expensive for the same quality as in Thailand, but you can get basic acco here too if you want. The food, transport and general commodity price levels are much higher in Thailand than in India, although India is fast catching up.

Can I use Indian rupee in Thailand?

No, Indian Rupee is not accepted in Thailand. One must convert the Indian currencies to Thai baht well before making a trip to Thailand. The currencies can be converted either in India or in Thailand.

Is Japan cheaper than India?

Japan is 198% more expensive than India.

Is Bali cheaper than India?

Hey Abhinav, If you fly from Bali to India, the cheapest tickets will cost you on an average Rs. 15,000 round trip if you are traveling from Kochi. … 4000 for a night whereas a home stay will cost you around Rs. 3500 a night.

Is Singapore cheaper than India?

Singapore is 250% more expensive than India.

Is Bangkok cheaper than India?

Local Purchasing Power in Bangkok is 39.66% lower than in Mumbai. This was just a comparison between the big cities but the difference between any town in India and Thailand – India will end up much more cheaper to stay. Consumer Prices in Thailand are 76.99% higher than in India.

Can Indian go to Thailand without visa?

Are Indian citizens required to have a visa to enter Thailand? Indian citizens don’t require a visa itself, but a Visa on arrival, which is an special document that allows you to enter the country if you have an Indian passport.

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Which currency has lowest value in India?

  • Uzbekistan. …
  • Djibouti. …
  • Yemen. …
  • Sri Lanka. 1 Rupee = 2.18 Sri Lankan Rupee. …
  • Nepal. 1 Rupee = 1.60 Nepalese Rupee. …
  • Belarus. Belarus (1 INR = 268 Belarusian Rubles) …
  • South Korea. 1 Rupee = 16.52 South Korean Won. …
  • Laos. 1 INR = 120.35 Laotian Kip.

How much cash should I carry to Thailand?

How much money do I need for a week? It doesn’t matter if you’re splashing the cash or travelling on a shoestring, you can have a great trip to Thailand. Backpackers should budget 800–1,200 baht a day ($35–$50) to cover the costs of hostel rooms, street food meals, a couple of drinks and a spot of sightseeing.

Is it better to buy baht in Thailand?

Simply you will get a better exchange rate in Thailand, with hotels or shops usually have a lower exchange rate than the many bank money changers. You do need to bring at least 10,000 Baht with you in the extremely rare chance that the Thai immigration authorities check.

How much money do I need for a month in Thailand?

That being said, the general goal of many backpackers is to keep the cost of travel in Thailand down to $1,000 per month and, as you can see, this is a very attainable goal. Just keep your drinking to a minimum and your wallet in mind and you’ll be fine!

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