What animals are only found in Vietnam?

These are broadly: Indian elephants, bears (black bear and honey bear), Indochinese tigers and Indochinese leopards as well as smaller animals like monkeys (such as snub-nosed monkey), bats, flying squirrels, turtles and otters. Reptiles such as crocodiles, snakes and lizards are also reported.

What is only found in Vietnam?

Mammals found only in Vietnam include the Tonkin Snub-nosed Monkey (ARKive WM), Delacour’s Langur (ARKive WM), the Cat Ba Langur (NEPC) (iNaturalist), the Silver-backed Chevrotain (Mongabay), the Puhoat Muntjac (IUCN), the Sa Pa White-toothed Shrew (ResearchGate), the Small-toothed Mole (ResearchGate), Suntsov’s …

What is the rarest animal in Vietnam?

Saola – ~50 individuals left

Also known as “The Asian Unicorn”, Saola is an animal from ancient times and apparently the rarest large mammal in the world. Vietnam is home to around 50 Saolas, which makes the animal the most critically endangered species in Vietnam.

How many species of animals are there in Vietnam?

This diversity of ecosystems gives rise to a rich variety of plant and animal species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. More than 13,200 terrestrial plant species and around 10,000 animal species have been recorded in Vietnam, while over 3,000 aquatic species have been identified within its wetland areas.

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What is the most dangerous animal in Vietnam?

Known to be one of the most venomous snakes in Vietnam, and right up there with the most dangerous animals in Vietnam overall, the many-banded krait isn’t the most savoury of critters in Indochina.

Many-banded krait.

Mosquito-borne disease Symptoms
Yellow Fever Jaundice, headache, backache, chills, vomiting

What is the most common animal in Vietnam?

Water Buffalo – the water buffalo is the national animal of Vietnam and can be seen in nearly any rural area.

Are there tigers in Vietnam?

Tigers are considered funcionally extinct in Vietnam and Laos. There may be a handful of tigers in the evergreen forests of the Northern Annamites in Laos and Vietnam, and the Dry Forests/Central Annamites landscape in Southern Laos and Central Vietnam.

Does Vietnam have deer?

The Vietnamese sika deer (Cervus nippon pseudaxis) is one of the many subspecies of the sika deer. It is one of the smaller subspecies, due to the tropical environment they live in.

Vietnamese sika deer
Family: Cervidae
Subfamily: Cervinae
Genus: Cervus
Species: C. nippon

Are there any animals in Vietnam which are in danger of disappearing?

The Delacour’s Langur is a critically endangered species found only in Vietnam. … Over 300 species of animals have disappeared from the country and more than 100 living there today are threatened.

Are Tigers endangered in Vietnam?

The Indochinese tiger is protected under Vietnam’s wildlife protection laws Decree 64 (2019) and Decree 06 (2019), and banned from international commercial trade by CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). … Experts estimate as few as five tigers may remain in the wild in Vietnam.

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What big cats live in Vietnam?

The large forests are home to various large cats including tigers, leopards and snow leopards. Wild oxen, various varieties of bears and deer are also found in the forests. Vietnam hosts the endemic gray-shanked douc, one of the 25 most endangered primates in the world.

It is illegal to buy, sell, trade, or own an endangered animal in Vietnam.

Are there jungles in Vietnam?

Natural forests are at higher elevations in the northwest and mangrove swamps are in the coastal areas. Rainforest in the hilly region has wild rhododendrons in the northwest along with dwarf bamboos and numerous types of orchids. The central dry region has pines and the river deltas have mangrove forests.

What should I avoid in Vietnam?

There are some things, however, that are best avoided.

  • Tap water. Might as well start with the obvious one. …
  • Strange meat. We don’t mean street meat, as street food in Vietnam is amazing. …
  • Roadside coffee. …
  • Uncooked vegetables. …
  • Raw blood pudding. …
  • Cold soups. …
  • Dog meat. …
  • Milk.


How old would a Vietnam vet be today?

“Of the 2,709,918 Americans who served in Vietnam, Less than 850,000 are estimated to be alive today, with the youngest American Vietnam veteran’s age approximated to be 60 years old.” So, if you’re alive and reading this, how does it feel to be among the last 1/3rd of all the U.S. Vets who served in Vietnam?

Did Tigers attack soldiers in Vietnam?

During war, tigers may acquire a taste for human flesh from the consumption of corpses which have lain unburied, and go on to attack soldiers; this happened during the Vietnam and Second World Wars.

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