What is HIA in Thai?

What does AI HIA mean in Thai?

Ai Hia Oh. Ai is the rudest pronoun in Thai. Hia means lizard, the meanest insult in Thai. Oh is the king’s nickname. Actually this is huge as it is the first time ever open disrespect is shown for a monarch.

How do you write HIA in Thai?

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  1. เหี้ย (Hia)/เชี่ย (Shia) Original word is Hia. …
  2. ห่า (Haa) It means chlorea, which killed tons of people long ago, and yes, it’s considered unlucky thing. …
  3. แม่ง (Maeng) I think it comes from แม่มึง (Mae Mueng), means Your mother.


What is SIA in Thai?

In this meaning, the words ‘sia’ (เสี่ย) and ‘pa’ can be used interchangeably. There are some similar words: ‘Pa’ (ป๊า) and ‘papa’ (ปะป๊า) – both only mean father. ‘Mama’ (มาม่า) only means madam (chief prostitute or woman in charge of prostitution house).

What does moi mean in Thai?

The Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand (Abrv: MOI; Thai: กระทรวงมหาดไทย, RTGS: Krasuang Mahatthai) is a cabinet-level department in the Government of Thailand.

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