What is S3 education Indonesia?

University third stage. 3. Doktor (Strata Tiga) (S3) Highest award conferred in Indonesia universities or institutes.

What are the levels of education in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s education system comprises four levels of education: primary (grades 1–6), junior secondary (grades 7–9), senior secondary (grades 10–12), and higher education.

What is Indonesia SMA?

The certificate of graduation of the senior secondary education is the Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas (Ijazah SMA). In terms of level, the Ijazah Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) is comparable to a HAVO diploma. Islamic education is provided at primary and general secondary level.

What is the average education level in Indonesia?

In 2017, about 16% of young adults in Indonesia had attained a tertiary education, well below the G20 average of 38%. More young adults in Indonesia have earned a bachelor’s degree than a short- cycle tertiary qualification, but few have attained a master’s degree.

How bad is Indonesian education?

Generally, the quality of education is not quite high, but Indonesia does have good private elementary and high schools in big cities. For most Indonesians, they don’t receive a higher education and to give their kids a better education is not their priority.

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What is the biggest problem in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s artificially high food prices are one of the biggest factors keeping 28 million of the country’s people mired in poverty. In many ways, Indonesia is a Southeast Asian success story.

What is the biggest problem in the Indonesian education system?

Students know many things but shallow. It is different if the subjects are cut down to a little number of subjects only. Then students will know a few things but their knowledge is deep and focused. Another problem with education in Indonesia is the poor infrastructure, less developed program, low quality teachers.

Where does Indonesia rank in education?

The Indonesian education system is the fourth largest in the world with more than 50 million students, 3 million teachers, 300,000 schools.

Is English taught in Indonesia?

Formerly a Dutch colony, Indonesia gained independence in 1945. Afterward, the government replaced a Dutch language study with the English language, establishing it as a compulsory subject, beginning in elementary school. Today, most students study English as their primary second language.

What is the best high school in Indonesia?

15 Best International Schools in Indonesia – Top Rated Schools of Indonesia

  • ACG School Jakarta. …
  • ACS Jakarta. …
  • Australian Independent School. …
  • Bali Island School. …
  • Bandung Independent School. …
  • Global Jaya School. …
  • Ichthus School. …
  • Jakarta Intercultural School.


What is the main industry in Indonesia?

Major industrial sectors include petroleum and natural gas, textiles and apparel, mining, footwear, plywood, rubber and chemical fertilisers. The services sector is equally as important to Indonesia’s economy, accounting for 43 per cent of GDP in 2015.

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What is S1 in Indonesia?

Sarjana 1 (S1) Sarjana – Equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. Sarjana 2 (S2) Sarjana – Equivalent to a master’s degree. Sarjana 3 (S3) Doktor – Equivalent to a doctoral degree.

Is Indonesia safe?

Indonesia is mostly a safe country to travel to, though it still has its dangers from natural disasters to terrorism and petty theft. Be very cautious on the streets of Indonesia and plan your trip carefully.

What country has the best education system?

  • United States. #1 in Education Rankings. No Change in Rank from 2020. …
  • United Kingdom. #2 in Education Rankings. …
  • Germany. #3 in Education Rankings. …
  • Canada. #4 in Education Rankings. …
  • France. #5 in Education Rankings. …
  • Switzerland. #6 in Education Rankings. …
  • Japan. #7 in Education Rankings. …
  • Australia. #8 in Education Rankings.

What religions are in Indonesia?

In the latest population census data, 87 percent of Indonesians declared themselves to be Muslim, followed by 9.87 percent who were Christian. The Indonesian constitution guarantees religious freedom, and officially recognizes Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Confucianism.

Does Indonesia have free healthcare?

Universal health coverage

The aim was to grant free services for all hospitalisations in basic (class-3 hospital beds). … Under JKN, all Indonesians will receive coverage for a range of treatments via health services from public providers as well as those private organisations that have opted to join the scheme.

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