Which is the second largest province in Thailand?

What is the largest province in Thailand?

Nakhon Ratchasima: Phimai Historical Park. Thailand’s largest province — often called Korat — is another destination with Khmer and Hindu influence, especially noticeable in the Phimai Historical Park.

What is the second largest province in Thailand?

wàt]) proper and one special administrative area (Thai: เขตปกครองส่วนท้องถิ่นรูปแบบพิเศษ), representing the capital Bangkok.

Provinces of Thailand
Areas 414 km2 (160 sq mi) Samut Songkhram – 22,135 km2 (8,546 sq mi) Chiang Mai

Which state in Thailand is the richest?

Phuket has been named the richest province in Thailand, while the Northern province of Mae Hong Sorn has the highest poverty rate. According to the data released by the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board, Phuket tops the income category as it is the only province in Thailand without poverty.

What is the second largest city in Thailand?

Biggest Cities In Thailand

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Rank Biggest Cities in Thailand Metro Population
1 Bangkok 14,565,547
2 Nonthaburi 270,609
3 Nakhon Ratchasima 174,332
4 Chiang Mai 174,235

Which is bigger province or district?

A district is a part of a city. A province is a bigger region that contains many cities and towns. Both are terms used to divide an area into different parts. … Districts usually refer to an area around or including a city.

What religion do the majority of Thai people practice?

Excluding the law that states the King must be Buddhist, there is no official Thailand religion, meaning all Thai people enjoy religious freedom. However, Buddhism is the most common Thailand religion with approximately 95% of the population following this Theravada religion.

What is the smallest province in Thailand?

Samut Songkhram, Thailand’s smallest province, also is a small wonder. The coastal province along the Gulf of Thailand is about a two-hour drive from Bangkok.

Is Thailand a province of China?

Many of the hardworking and enterprising Chinese in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam are from the southern Chinese province of Fujian. In Thailand many are also from Chaozhou area of Guangdong Province.

What province means in English?

noun. a territory governed as a unit of a country or empire. a district, territory, or region. the provinces (plural) those parts of a country lying outside the capital and other large cities and regarded as outside the mainstream of sophisticated culture.

Who is the highest paid BL actor in Thailand?

The following are the top 5 highest paid Thai BL series couples.

  1. Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin (2Gether The Series)
  2. Mew Suppasit and Gulf Kanawut (TharnType The Series)
  3. Yin Anan and Wanarat Ratsameerat (En of Love: Love Mechanics)
  4. Billkin Puttipong and PP Krit (I Told Sunset About You)
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Who is the richest Thai actress?

Top 5 Highest Paid Thai Actresses

  1. Aum Patchrapa.
  2. Chompoo Araya. …
  3. Yaya Urassaya. …
  4. Mai Davika. Lately, she often travel to oversea attending the event. …
  5. Bella Ranee. Growing her popularity after playing in a popular TV drama “Buppesunnivas“, she gets paid 8 Millions Baht or higher for advertisement and 150,000 Baht for event.

Who is the richest family in Thailand?

The top 10 richest in Thailand are:

  • Chearavanont brothers; US$27.3 billion.
  • Chalerm Yoovidhya; $20.2 billion.
  • Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi; $10.5 billion.
  • Chirathivat family; $9.5 billion.
  • Sarath Ratanavadi; $6.8 billion.
  • Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha; $3.8 billion.
  • Prachak Tangkaravakoon; $3.1 billion.


What are the 5 biggest cities in Thailand?

Largest Cities in Thailand

  • Bangkok.
  • Chiang Mai.
  • Phitsanulok.
  • Phuket.
  • Pattaya.
  • Ubon Ratchathani.

Is Bangkok bigger than New York City?

New York is about 4.2 times smaller than Thailand.

Thailand is approximately 513,120 sq km, while New York is approximately 122,283 sq km, making New York 23.83% the size of Thailand. … We have positioned the outline of Thailand near the middle of New York.

Is Chiang Mai cheaper than Bangkok?

Is Bangkok more expensive than Chiang Mai? Bangkok is less expensive than Chiang Mai, but not by much. The most notable difference is the accommodation prices, with Chiang Mai being roughly 20% cheaper than its rival.

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